1. Can I store my belongings temporarily?
    Yes you can
  2. Can I pack my own boxes?
    Yes you can. However you would need to number the boxes and on a separate piece of paper write down the content of every box. The movers will issue their own inventory list and write down P.B.O (packed by owner)
  3. Can I pack my food?
    No, you cannot, perishable items are not allowed to be shipped
  4. Can I bring plants?
    No, you cannot, perishable items are not allowed to be shipped
  5. What does fumigation mean?
    Fumigation is a method of pest control that completely fills the items to be fumigated with a gaseous substance to kill the bugs, pests, exotic organisms inside of the shipment. This process is mandatory for specific countries like Australia.
  6. How much does fumigation cost?
    This depends on the country of destination
  7. What is THC?
    THC stands for Terminal Handling charges. It is a fee charged from terminals which are ports: dry ports or ocean ports
  8. What is long carry?
    There are 3 types of long carry. The first one is if you live on a floor higher than the first floor, you will be charged for it. Second is if you live in a narrow street and we cannot get to your place and need to rent an extra minivan to come to you (shuttle service), third is when we cannot park in front of your place and we need to park many streets away and carry your belongings for long distances.
  9. What is a flat binding price?
    Flat binding price is a fix price, all inclusive, with no additional charges for additional material used, working hours employed, more space used inside of container
  10. What are the local duties and taxes?
    Local duties and taxes are determined from the country of destination and their legal system and from the particular status of the shipper. Usually if the stuff is used household goods and the shipper  is a returning citizen there should be no taxes applicable to the shipment. Even though we advice to contact the consulate of the country you are moving to for consular advise.
  11. What is piano handling?
    Piano is a delicate musical instrument. Therefore it needs special care in moving it. Piano handling involves the crating of the piano with a wooden box.
  12. What is demurrage?
    Demurrage refers to the period when the shipping carrier remains in possession of the container after the period normally allowed loading and unloading cargo.
  13. What is double handling?
    Double handling refers to the unloading of the container cargo into a storage facility to store the items, and the loading the same cargo back into the container when the storage time is over and the client made arrangements to ship out his belongings.
  14. In and out fee
    same as double handling. See “double handling”
  15. When is my stuff arriving?
    The estimated arrival time is written on the agreement. The ETA varies depending on the city of origin and destination country.
  16. Can Prisma guarantee delivery time?
    Prisma can estimate a delivery time. However it cannot guarantee a delivery time. Delivery time might be affected by delays at the port, custom inspection procedures, bad ocean weather.
  17. Where is my stuff?
    The best way to know where your belongings are is to track the shipment online through our webpage by clicking on the link below Track
  18. When are the movers coming?
    After an operation person set a mutual date of pickup for you, the movers will call you few days before to confirm the date and time of pickup. If you did not receive a call from them, you can go online under “track” and see if there we scheduled a date for you already. You can call our office at 1-800- or you can send us an email at customerservice@prismacargosolutions.com
  19. When shall I reserve the move?
    Usually 4-5 weeks before the moving date
  20. What is an LCL shipment?
    LCL stands for Less than a container load. This is when we combine your shipment with the shipment of other clients in one same container.
  21. What is an FCL shipment?
    FCL stands for Full container load. This is a dedicated container exclusively reserved for one client.


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