Military Move

Prisma Cargo Solutions is proud to serve military and government officers overseas.  It is our duty to provide military and government families with the kind of support they need when continually assessing themselves to a new US base and environment. Prisma Cargo Solutions will assist you through this challenging venture.  

Prisma Cargo Solutions is knowledgeable of your military and Sofa status and will assist you with preparing proper military documentation for the move. 

Prisma understands the challenges you are faced with on a daily basis. For this reason we want you to concentrate on your duty and we will do the rest. We built a global network of Prisma agents assisting you with all your moving questions and needs.  Call a Prisma representative, discuss your family and personal needs, get advice weather it makes sense to move your entire household good, or you want to store the rest for when you come back from duty. If you are on a Sofa status point it to our Prisma representative so that they can assist you with proper paperwork.
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Karsten Hansen

This winter I was contacted by Prisma for my move back to Germany. Maria, their sales representative was very helpful, she guided me through the enti...