Moving Guide

6 -8 Weeks before moving day

Call your Prisma sales representative. Set a date for a visual survey of your home and prepare a detailed list of items for a preliminary estimate.
If this is a company paid move ask what kind of services they want the movers to perform
Do you want to pack yourself or do you need professional help from Prisma movers
Keep phone number and name of your sales representative to contact him/her in the future

4-6 Weeks before moving

Once your moving plans are 100% sure, your entire family is ready to make the change, you have signed your new work contract overseas, than contact your Prisma sales representative and ask them to reserve a date for the move. Afterwards go to the post office website or to the nearest location and change your address.
Prepare a list of friends, relatives, business contact and tell them you are moving.
Prioritize what you want to take with you and what you want to leave behind. Have a garage sale, donate to a charity and get the receipts for tax deduction. Get a list of allowed and not allowed household good items to see what you cannot bring with you.
Plan your travel by reserving your flight tickets, your hotel and your car. If you are going to drive let inspect your car before the journey.  
If you are shipping your car on a Roro ship make sure to ask Prisma representative for the right loading dock before you leave your place. Likewise ask for exact directions to pick up your car at the receiving port overseas.
Make sure all your passport and travel documents are valid for international travel; do you need a visa or a working permit? Ask your Prisma representative for advice and contact your nearest consulate for guidance.

1-2  Weeks before moving day

Go through your house or apartment and look at the stuff you want to move. If you decided to add more items to your shipment or you want to get rid of them call your Prisma representative to let them know. Also be aware that plants and eatable are not allowed to be shipped, decide what to do with them. If you have a pet, look at a pet transporter for help. If you are doing your own packing make sure to make a list before you fill the boxes and inventory them. Label all boxes with a number and on a separate piece of paper write down what you put inside. This way you don’t need to remember by heart what you put inside. Also make sure all packing is done and ready to be picked up when the movers will come.

Day of the move

Working with the Prisma movers is very important. When they arrive walk them through your place and show them what you would like to take. Tell them what is fragile and what needs special care. Before the movers leave make a final tour of the house, make sure nothing is left behind, sign the movers’ inventory and get a copy of it.

Delivery date

In order to deliver your belongings we need to keep hold of you to schedule a mutual available delivery date and time. If you changed your numbers or email address please make sure to provide the updated information to a Prisma representative. If you cannot be there make sure a friend or relative will be able to welcome our movers. Please provide us with your friends contacts so that we can keep in touch with them directly.

On the delivery date direct our Prisma movers into your new home and tell them where you want your belongings to be placed. Keep a record of your move expenses in a separate drawer for tax filing purposes. Remember to send your sales representative a testimonial of your experience with Prisma Cargo Solutions, LLC

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Karsten Hansen

This winter I was contacted by Prisma for my move back to Germany. Maria, their sales representative was very helpful, she guided me through the enti...